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10/21/2010 / doodlemasters

Halloween Coloring Contest 2010

It is time once again to begin the 2010 2nd Annual Halloween Coloring Contest. The rules are simple.

  • Click one of the 8 coloring pages above, download and print.
  • Color them any way you see fit whether with crayons, Photoshop, markers, color pencil, macaroni, yarn or whatever. Your tools are up to you.
  • Scan or digitally photograph your finished work of art and upload it to the Facebook event page. Don’t have a Facebook account? Just email me the image doodlemasters(at)rybreadstudio(dot)com.
  • Enter as many times as you want but be sure to do it before midnight on Halloween (Oct 31st).
  • The winner will be announced on Nov 1st.

The prize this year will be a limited release Halloween and Activity Book and a box of crayons (as seen below). You will receive a printed book to enjoy now and a digital book to print and enjoy later. This book has 16 pages of funness to help you stay in the Halloween spirit all year round.

Get excited and happy coloring šŸ™‚

09/16/2010 / doodlemasters

iMonsters: a loose interpretation

My sweet talented wife decided she needed to use her creativity for righteousness. Last year, around Christmas she started crocheting these great electronic device holders she calls the iMonster. She found this little website called Etsy that facilitates a way that creatives can sell hand-made goods. So she started a shop (her shop) and before she knew it, she was selling her crocheted goodness. I am lucky enough that I was given an iMonster for my iPod Touch. I love it and it keeps my iPod nice and cozy.

The drawing above is my interpretation of my iMonster holding my iPod. Below is a photo of the actual iMonster for those of you too lazy to click on her shop and the original sketch. click thumbnails to view larger

09/10/2010 / doodlemasters

Quidditch Event Poster and T-shirt

Here is the graphic design I did for our Quidditch Event last month.

08/25/2010 / doodlemasters

Exploding Snap

click thumbnails to view larger

These are cards for an Exploding Snap game IĀ made for a family Harry Potter party. It is played like the classic game Snap. Every player has their own pile of cards, face down. Players will turn one card over at the same time in a separate pile. When a player sees a match they yell “SNAP!” The player that made the match keeps the piles that are involved in the match. When a player sees the Exploding Snap card and yells “BOOM!”, that player gets all the face up piles on the table. Play until all the matches have been made. The players add up the points in the piles they have earned. Beware, the baddies are worth negative points.

We had a lot of fun playing this. To ensure that we all turned our cards over simultaneously we said “Wingardium Leviosa”. Because of the negative points, we quickly discovered that the player with the most cards didn’t necessarily win.

If you would like printable files of this game, please download them for free at

06/28/2010 / doodlemasters

Lego Dragon Fly

I just started with a basic shape. My sister wanted me to make a dragon, but I said that will be too hard. So, I said, “how about a dragon fly?” She thought it was a great idea. The first time I showed my mom it was just the wings. Then I started adding on Legos. The parts that were most difficult were the eyes. It took me a while, but finally I got what I wanted. The next time I showed Mom she was very impressed.

06/15/2010 / doodlemasters

tiny mutant ninja turtles

They’re tiny. They’re mutants. They’re ninjas. They’re turtles. You know you love them.

05/25/2010 / doodlemasters

Fake Logos

Sometimes I tire of designing logos for other people. To keep myself from getting the creative blahs I started doing fake logos for fake companies. My favorite is Igor’s Courier. What’s your favorite?

Ā I will immediately postĀ future fake logosĀ on my Facebook page after I complete them. If you’re on facebook and not a fan yet, just click “like” on the right hand side of this blog.